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Let's get your business moving

Get new flexibility into your company without having to completely change its system. By combining the creative potential of "chaos" and the power of "order", we will create new energy in your teams, which will also rely on the benefits of a large organization. I can help your people and management, organizational system and corporate culture.

In large organizations, energy is sometimes lost, processes dominate, room for initiative shrinks, and hierarchies slow down decision-making. Rigid companies are slow to respond to the complex world, they are not very innovative and become inattractive for employees.
A change is needed.

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Start to leverage communities

Thanks to 15 years of my community experience on the Czech and international scene, I can help kick off your community initiatives or bring them to a new level. Let's evaluate together the potential benefits of the community for your project, get even a global community moving, capture the energy of internal networks and set up a way to manage and administer these projects.

People loosely connected via a common interest in communities create great things, educate or help get the word about your business out. Internal corporate communities allow you to work with people in a newly motivating and evolving way, while external communities increase the impact of your product or service. No company actually is without a community - just maybe it doesn't know about it yet...



Two hours to several days of interactive joint work, online or in person. We will upskill a group of up to 15 people to tackle new initiatives and gain new attitudes and skills.


Webinar or live talks or keynotes for larger groups. I deliver them as experience-packed lectures that will give your people energy - and some chunky food for thought.


I will help design a solution or system and its implementation. I can also be involved in the process of onboarding or selecting people who will continue to work with the solution.


Individual meetings in which we work together to address your specific needs, or in which I guide you in sorting out your thoughts about the development of your team or organization.

I base my work with you on practice and I always prepare tailor made solutions to match your needs. Clients appreciate my human and "no b*shit" approach and my ability to think out of the box. I also always aim to walk as direct a journey as possible to reach your goals and make myself eventually redundant. 
Let's talk about options, availability and prices.


ChaOrd: Agile culture
in non-agile companies 

How to get energy into highly organized companies and support bottom-up decision-making, the ability to react quickly and x-team cooperation -  even without major implementations of formal methodologies.

Girl Doing Yoga on a Rooftop
  1. Simplification of processes and strengthening
    a culture of trust and responsibility

  2. Tools to promote self-organization and moving 
    decision-making "downwards"

  3. Increased cooperation between teams thanks to the way projects are created and the inter-team interface

  4. Increase personal initiative through goal setting, performance appraisal, and career system 

  5. Selection+development of people suitable for agile culture

  6. Necessary values of corporate culture and their cultivation


by Empowerment

How to strengthen autonomy and bottom-up decision-making, while increasing accountability and ownership? What role do well-defined goals (e.g. the OKRs) and evaluations play in this?

  1. Effective goal setting and evaluation (can be linked to
    the OKR methodology)

  2. Inspiring bottom-up decision-making and initiatives 

  3. Strengthening people's ability to take action and ownership of their projects

  4. The shift of manager's role from "mover of everything" to "guardian of the playing field" 

  5. Setting goals and evaluating people so that it inspires motivation and responsibility

  6. Developing creativity, innovation and design thinking



How to take advantage of loosely organized communities of people around your organization
or inside? How to start, manage and evolve them?

Young Volunteers
  1. Types of communities, their strengths and weaknesses 

  2. Assesment of benefits of internal or external 
    communities for your purpose

  3. Design of structure and community administration & funding

  4. Launch-of communities, its phases

  5. Community management, working with people in the community, working with community leaders

  6. Community program management, necessary roles, metrics 


Motivating and innovative teams

How to lead your team as a tribe or community -
to be efficient and creative,
while inspiring mutual cooperation, trust and sharing? 

  1. Psychological safety as 50% of the success
    of successful teams

  2. Other elements of effective teams related to trust and

  3. Development of a culture of sharing and mutual communication

  4. The role of meaning and impact of work

  5. Team spirit and culture - even in remote cooperation

  6. Diversity in team composition as a competitive advantage


In the following general areas we can work together in mentoring, I can design a workshop for your team or I may consult how you to navigate them to move your company's system or culture forward.



I am a practitioner with years of international experience, enriched with various theoretical concepts in my toolbox. During 13 years as a Google global program manager and then in consulting other companies, I learned how even a large organization can operate using the principles of self-management and agility, or how a small company can grow without losing its creative DNA. I am at home in community work: I have been creating, leading or advising communities since 2005. Among else, I founded and helped grow the world's largest IT meetup network (Google Developer Groups) and ran other global community developer programs at Google for 7 years.  


In the past, I have co-created and led several technology companies in the USA and the Czech Republic, such as one of the first e-learning platforms (WebStudy) or ride-sharing tools ( I worked with teachers, educated in experiential learning and published books and translations and I led community programs in context of social and non profit organizations. 

The basis for all this was provided by a master's degree in HR Management in the USA (West Chester University) and a bachelor's degree in sociology from Charles University.


Jiří Langr

"From the consultations on the topic of OKR implementation and debugging, I took away a lot of tips and topics to think about.

And above all, it gave me new thoughts and ideas!"


Jana Konečná

“The Collaboration lecture was very positively received. Colleagues emphasized the lecturer's many years of experience and the insights they got into cooperation in other organizations. "


Ondrej Zaoral

"That thing that separates good and great trainers: practical experience. Dan lives and works the way he teaches. His trainings are incredibly catchy case studies of his work style. It was a pleasure both taking part in his communication training and working with him on the Prague Wikinomics Forum."


Denisa Petrusková

"Dan has allowed us to see a contstant change through the lens of opportunity, not just survival. The seminar participants highly valued its high energy, authenticity, insights and inspiring approach to team management and work with error."


Fady al Kheir

"Working with Daniel was a great experience. He has deep insights in social behavior, motivation and a solid tech backround. He applies all that in a way that infects people with passion. His high level of integrity, talent to inspire and "only the best possible" ethics make him a real gamechanger."


I am honored to have worked with more than 20 organizations recently, either directly or in partnership with
ELAI or Business Provocation agencies.

As a mentor, I help startups in two acceleration programs.


Upcoming public talks and workshops

Zaznamenáno. Díky za zájem!

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